GIS, Visualization

Matey, ye’ve been boarded!

These are good days for web mapping for sure. Moving from being passive consumers of tiles on WMS servers to custom vector maps and even style sheets to do it! Kartograph and TileMill are my two favorites and when I saw A.J. Ashton’s pirate map on TileMill’s website, it made me realize that I am almost 6 months late to celebrate the “talk like a pirate day”. Since I’m so late, I thought maybe I should have a modest celebration and instead of generating tiles, by sticking with a single background image. With a little bit of data from International Chamber of Commerce on modern day pirate activities, here is what I ended up with. Click on the image to open the actual visualization.

Hoist ye Jolly Roger! (Click to open the interactive viz)

These are the incidents since January 1st until last week.  So lots of scurvy sea dogs out there, Arrr.


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