50 years of Bond

2012 was the 50th year of the Bond movie franchise. Over this period 23 official movies were shot with 6 different leading actors. For almost every franchise there’s always  the question who’s the best?  Sometimes it is the characters: Is it Captain Kirk or Picard?  Sometimes it is the actors: Tom Baker or David Tennant? I found some box office data on and thought looking at how well the movies did might be a good way to answer this question for 007 series.  For a fair comparison I adjusted the numbers to equivalent of 1947 US dollars based on Consumer Price Index data from FRED. You can still see the actual (unadjusted) World Wide Gross and Budget values in tooltips in the interactive viz.

The 007 franchise (click to view the interactive viz)

For fun I also added some trivia about each Bond which you can find in the second viz. Both are published on Tableau Public. You can open the interactive version by clicking on the images. Looks like Sean Connery is the winner as the star of the two highest grossing Bond movies (in adjusted dollars), having the highest total gross and return on investment (world wide gross/budget ratio).

Pick your Bond (click for interactive viz)


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